Adorn II

Adorn II Owner Renee holding 'LB', her ½ long-haired Chihuahua and ½ long-haired Yorkshire Terrier

Among the eclectic mix of shops, restaurants, cafes, and gallery spaces that line Bruce Street in Thornbury, you'll find Adorn II opened by Renee Desrochers in 2005. This fine gift emporium offers luxury European body products, fragrances, gifts, and exclusive fine furnishings and accessories for people or the home.

"I'd been visiting the area for years before starting this business with my mom. We used to come here to visit with friends and family and to enjoy outdoor activities like skiing, horseback riding and sailing," recalls Renee.

After attending University, Renee worked in both the film and fashion industries in Toronto. "Display and merchandising are both very important when you're running a retail shop, and I learned a lot in those early years," remembers Renee. "I'm constantly merchandising Adorn II as gifts go out the door and new products come in. I'm bringing in new things all the time from LothAntique in France, Nesti Dante in Italy, and we're one of the few boutiques in Canada that carry Lady Primrose products. We also carry handmade silver jewellery by local silversmith and artisan Judy Moore", explains Renee. "We have a fantastic children's section in the back. You can find unique one-of-a-kind handmade sweaters, dresses, baby blankets, slippers and lovely stuffed animals made from recycled fur."

Vintage clothing and European antiques are also available on consignment at Adorn II. Basically, everything you see in the store, including the furniture, is for sale except for LB. LB, which stands for 'Little Buddy,' is an adorable ½ long-haired Chihuahua and ½ long-haired Yorkshire Terrier with a gentle nature who is Renee's constant companion.

"I love the community here in Thornbury, people get involved with each other and the community, and you just don't get that small-town vibe anywhere else. Thornbury has a unique population of full-time residents, combined with seasonal weekenders and tourists. It's quite a unique mix," says Renee. "Looking to the future, I feel that bricks and mortar retail really has an opportunity to thrive. Customers enjoy a face-to-face relationship with the people that are the small business owners, and I appreciate that opportunity equally back. I've been working hard at maintaining a good presence on social media platforms and using those channels to create awareness for new merchandise and gifts available in the store, keeping in mind that it's important to maintain a consistent brand experience."

The next time you're looking for a special gift or unique accessory for your home or cottage, or just wanting to add that 'special touch' in the form of a unique accent piece, you are sure to find something that will catch your fancy at Adorn II located at 32 Bruce Street South in Thornbury. You can find them online at or follow Renee on Instagram @adorntoo.