Know Before You Go

When exploring or visiting The Blue Mountains, make sure to be prepared and plan ahead. If you're planning to use the trails in the area, please follow Grey County's Trail Etiquette Guide. Here are a few helpful tips to make your experience enjoyable:

Do not trespass

  • Please respect public and private landowners. It’s a privilege to explore the area and trails. Ensure you obey all signs and boundaries, and follow proper trail etiquette.

Respect nature, agriculture, & wildlife

  • Avoid disturbing the natural habitat, farmland or crops, and refrain from feeding any wildlife you encounter. Do not approach or touch farm animals.

Protect our environment

  • Do not litter. Always clean up after yourselves. Pack out what you bring in, including food packaging, scraps and pet waste.

Photography Safety: “Don't do it for the ‘gram”